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Monday, 4 May 2015

Front end arrangement

I though I would share the front end arrangement that I have ended up with, primarily driven by the suspension point locations.

In order to minimise bump steer the steering rack needs to be in-line with the steering points on the wheels. I have opted to use the ford escort rack, as it is readily available in various options as a new part. This will require a pair of extension stubs to bring the ball joints out to the required position.

Heavy tube is used to provide the mounting location of the rack and allows the rack to pass through the chassis with clearance for the track rods when simultaneously in bump and turning.

The link from spring to lower wishbone needs some further refinement and structural checking, fatigue loads are my main concern for that location, given the reversing loads. Additionally the design needs to be an all bolted arrangement; so clevis & pins.

Front suspension arrangement

Edit; A simpler arrangement that can be easily fabricated using water / laser cutting from plate.

Updated inboard wishbone

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