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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I've just had a brief investigation into analysis capability's, it appears that I can quickly build a structure in Solidworks or Rhino, mesh it up in Patran and then export it straight into Fluent and bypass using Gambit to apply the boundary conditions.

[note. the neutral format allows defined groups of nodes / surfaces volumes, these can then have the boundary conditions assigned in fluent]

The bonus is that it appears the results can then be fed back and passed through nastran to get stress and deflection results for say; thermal loads at a specific cooling water flow rate through a cylinder head.

This in combination with LOTUS's engine design software, and the MSC Adams vehicle analysis software, gives me the capability to design all the aspects of this and the next vehicle.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Progress at last - modelling of fwd components

Well christmas was quite and I managed to learn and model up the forward suspension and the engine and gearbox in solidworks. The dots / crosses are points generated from the digitization (photo based) of the engine and gearbox previously. There is gong to be some variation, partly due to the need to fulfil the SVA design requirements - primarily headrest in one form or another, i'll probably look at roll-over protection as well.

I'll build the components up in this first, then design the chassis and bodywork. The latter having greater priority in the grand scheme of things.

Components modelled to date

Conceptual profile sketch

In parallel with the setup of the components i'm going to build up the physics definition and body for use in rFactor - a physics based racing simulator / game. This will allow the vehicle to be driven around the likes of Brooklands, which I think would be a great addition to the project.

I've ordered a sand-blasting cabinet and will progress with re-furbishing the various components. Once the grinding etc is over I will proceed with building up the engine.