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Monday, 4 January 2010

The search for design inspiration..

I've been searching through numerous 1930's and 40's 2 seater's for a basis of design for this project, in the considered and rejected list we have:
  • Morgan Roadster
  • 1930 Duesenberg
  • various Bugatti's
  • Lagonda Crailville
  • Lagonda LG45
These have not quite had the style that I'm after. One car that nearly fits my (current) tastes is the 1934-Lagonda-M45-Tourer but the current winner for a basis of design is the 1933-Squire-Vanden-Plas-Sports-Tourer. This is a stunning vehicle, only 3 were made by the builder Adrian Squire with a 2 seater body, with a remaining 4 produced with 4 seats. The high cost proved un-viable (~£1,095 or £278,773 in 2008 money) and the company went out of business, Adrian Squire went on to join Lagonda before being killed by a bombing raid in 1940.

1934 Squire Vanden Plas Sport Tourer

Due to my use of the XJ40 running gear it wont be an exact replica, but I aim to follow the styling closely. The rear suspension components will be well hidden. The original use of huge 15" brake drums means that front independent suspension will not be overtly out of place.

One final thought is that it may be possible to have hybrid pressed steel and wire wheels, this would allow the use of the standard hubs, as I've so far been struggling to find wire hubs for the XJ40. This would mimic the effect of wire wheels with large brake drums.

In other news i'm in the process of purchasing the parts for completing the engine, some are very scarce now so the full cost is going to be in the region of £650-700. This blows my current funds for a while, and will require an additional means of financing the project. The current plan is for selling custom aluminium and brass castings along with glass work.

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