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Thursday, 14 January 2010

First conceptual geometry

Well this is the first attempt at building a set of guiding geometry for the overall size and style of the car.

With so little information to go from ive had to use scans from the "Illustrated directory of classic cars" which has some water colours that can be used to get the overall ratios. The front end of the pictures is from a different build, so this area will take a fair bit of work to get right.

First Geometry

Having the digitised engine and gearbox is a major help with checking the shape of the bonnet. I will be replacing the stock alternator with a DENSO unit which will knock 50mm off the width of the installation.

The throttles will have reasonable space, what with them being further back in the vehicle. And there should be a fair bit of space for a good sized radiator, so cooling should not be a problem.

The manikins have been sized to me, so there should be reasonable leg room when i'm done, I dont think i would fit in an original terribly well.

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