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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Machined head and Block

Collected the block and cylinder head from Engine Services in Edinburgh, they've done a good job with skimming the block and head, honing the cylinders to remove the glaze and cutting the 48 valves and valve seats.

The plan now is to paint up the block and head, and build up the head. I cant afford the parts for the rest of the engine this month so that will have to wait. The main thing is to get paint on and protect the surfaces.

unclean head

Cleaned head - Valves

Cleaned head - Top

Cleaned Block

Cleaned Bores

On another point I found the receipt for the tyres which are barely used; Pirelli PZERO ROSSO 99Y XL priced at £204 each! With the alloy wheels that's ~£1200 all told... if I can sell them for £600-800 then that would pay for either the whole engine re-build or for a good sized milling machine for producing the throttle body's. at this point I'm ering towards the milling machine.

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