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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Engine rebuild stuff

Well dropped the block and cylinder head off at 'Engine Services' in Edinburgh on Saturday, the parts will get dipped, the head and block are going to be skimmed, the valve seats and the valves are getting re-cut (the valves whilst i wait, when i go and pick the bits up next week) and finally the cylinders are having a 'glaze-bust' or light hone to re-condition the bores.

Spent 6 hours stripping the old paint and corrosion from the cam cover and polishing it up as far is possible for aluminium casting. the bare pars have had a coat of Eastwood Extreme high temperature paint / Lacquer. which i will also use on the bell housing and gearbox when i've cleaned them up.

From this

To this - freshly painted Cam-cover

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