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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cylinder head stripping

Spent today stripping the cylinder head, removed the cam shafts, springs and valves. All of the exhaust valves had a thick layer of coke which took a while to remove. The inlet valves were cleaner but a couple had exhaust coke so some of the tappet shims will need adjusting to get the valves sealing right.

The head needs cleaning along with the block and then the remaining carbon deposits carefully removing without damaging the aluminium. The valve seats will probably need re-cutting as the deposits will likely have scored deeper than is practical to remove by grinding/lapping.

Cylinder head

Camshafts, valves & retaining half-shells

original and cleaned up exhaust valve

stripped head

stripped head

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Engine dismantle

Well the sheds are complete and shelves are up. Current mission is to strip the block and get it sorted before any more of the parts become impossible to source and the prices go even higher.

Storage shed

Storage shed now has the de-humidifier running as there is no damp-course, in an attempt to keep the rust a bay, as the block is growing small crystals on it, which is not good. As soon as the block is stripped I'll get it cleaned, honed and painted in short order.

Rear components

I can wait until the engine is done before tackling the suspension as replacement parts for the engine are few and expensive, so it needs doing asap.

Gearbox, hubs etc.

Getting the engine up on the stand was tricky, as my boss has my engine hoist at the moment, so added block at each end until it was high enough to attach the stand and tip it upright. Which was a little nerve wracking.
Will try the stove at full burn tomorrow evening and see how the chimney behaves and the heat it will give out.

Engine up on stand & Wood burning stove

Have removed the pistons and dosed them with silicone spray, they can live in the storage shed without rusting hopefully or getting dusty.

Engine devoid of pistons

...And place in an oven at 200'C...