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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Throttle body calcs-3

Decided to have a play, and get a CFD model of a throttle body put together.

Based on the head inlet area of 15.5cm^2 the throttle body needs to have a diameter of roughly 45mm, allowing for a 5mm shaft for the butterfly valve.

First throttle body test

Close up detail

After several hours playing around trying to mesh the model, I gave up and dropped a dimension, as 2D runs a are much easier to build and run. Generally the numbers should be ignored, but the flow lines are usually pretty indicative.

CFD Throttle @ 5250rpm - 45deg opening

Fluent close-up

But there is scope for setting up some runns with varying throttle opening, inlet pressures. Then can develop injector positions to get the best mixing arrangement.

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