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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Throttle body calcs-2

Well i have extended my calcs for the throttle body to include the variation of both engine rpm and also the throttle angle. This gives the total mass of air inducted by the piston during one cycle. Usefull for showing the inducted volume limitations, I need to update it for the actual area of the inlet on the head, which is the main bottle neck.

The methodology is somewhat brute-force, This pic uses 1000 throttle angle points, 1000 rpm points and 1000 piston angle points. So 1x10^9 calculations, but that is what octal core workstations are for...

Engine speed 0-5250rpm, throttle opening from 0-90deg

edit: One interesting point to note is that idle RPM is 800, this is well clear of ~400rpm where the mass inducted reaches its highest for throttle angle vs RPM.

Still finishing off the garages, need to;
  1. Repair the roof - DONE
  2. Replace the smashed sky-light -DONE
  3. Board up the broken windows - DONE
  4. Fabricate a front & hang a door - DONE
  5. Move spare parts, tyres and stock out of main workshop - DONE
  6. Re-arrange the tool cupboard - DONE
  7. Build a work bench - DONE
  8. Apply a second coat of floor paint - DONE
  9. Install wood burning stove and fabricate chimney - DONE

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