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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Steel sections and Grades

Well after a fairly unsuccessful search for some high yield (355+MPa) steel box section, I will probably resort to Corus Celsius 355 SHS and CHS. The 2006 guide has sections with 1.5mm thickness which would be good to use, It turns out that the 1.5 thick sections are an international size, I have been advised to contact Corus in the Netherlands for further info.

Corus blue book
Corus Design of SHS welded Joints
Corus SHS welding guide

I have also located a good source of stress / strain data for various steel, which is useful for enabling non-linear analysis to be carried out on the structure, i.e. crash simulation.

SINTAP report UC/07

Below is the true stress strain curve for S355J2 material as used for Corus Celcius 355 prosducts

True stress strain curve for S355J2 steel

This should allow details analysis to be carried out, (I use Patran/Nastran at work so have can use this for linear, non-linear and other analysis), hopefully there will be some interesting stuff to work out.

There are some more possibilities for sections in the Corus 'Precision tube' range, these are products designed for the automotive industrys which cover a wide range of sections and wall thicknesses. And more importantly come in a range of grades covered in under EN 10025, so S355 J2 should be an option.


  1. Hi David, I was looking for material data when I stumbled apon this project of yours. I see you went into quite a bit of detail in both the structural and fluid fields, good work.

    I am also using Patran and Nastran, but I am currently busy exploring the capabilities of Marc and Mentat. In order to do nonlinear analyses I need the True Stress and Strain data. Where did you get your values from? Where can I obtain data like that? Can you maybe give me your data to work with?
    Regards Pieter

  2. Pieter, see the link in the post to the SINTAP report, which includes full curves for various steels.