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Sunday, 12 July 2009

It begins

This will be an extended post to chart the progress to date.

Donor vehicle was a 1990 XJ6 3.2l straight six with 5 speed manual GETRAG gearbox, purchased from ebay for a grand total for £600.

A somewhat delboy styled vehicle, not for long...

Nice straight six, need to see the condition of the bore.

Once secured from its original home in Poole the mechanical components were quickly extracted and the now empty shell taken away by the local scrapyards hiab.

In the garage, bonnet off

A good bit of stripping

The engine and gearbox comes out with mills to spare

The empty body loaded and off to the scrapyard

Chunky gearbox and engine

Front suspension assembly

Rear Suspension assembly

Pile of possibly useful electric and vacuum parts

Front suspension

Hefty diff and rear wishbones

Engine stripped of its ancilaries

Front and rear assembly stripped all usable parts laid out.

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