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Saturday, 6 January 2007

XJ40 Standard Data

Not written in 2007 but  used to keep tack and add additional info when it arises.

Overview XJ40 Morrigan
Wheelbase 2870mm 2643m
length 4938mm 3800mm
width 2004mm 1684mm
height 1359mm 1300mm
weight 1720kg 1200kg
Drag Coeff 0.37 ?

Engine 3.2Litre DOHC [AJ6]
Engine Material Aluminium block
Engine mass 220-240kg
Engine slant 22deg
Bore 91mm
Stroke 83mm
con-rod length 166.3mm
compression ratio 9.75:1
Compression pressure: 11.0-11.7 bar
Cylinders 6
Bearings 7
Displacement 3239cm^3
Max power 149kW@5250rpm (200hp)
Max torque 298Nm@4000rpm (219ft-lb)

Starter current 450A
cranking speed: 200rpm
addnl fulel (3pulse per rev) cut at 250rpm above 42degC, 500rpm below 42degC
Idle speed 800rpm
Idle curve; 20degC 800rpm, 90degC 700rpm

Ignition Timing - unleaded: 6-8/700 Deg eng/rpm (without vacuum)

BMW coil packs; 1703227 OR 0 221 504 004, Bosch Single Fire Coil P type, wasted spark so ~6A to each (BIP373 driver)
Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4  OR  A-E-C-F-B-D

warm up cut at 85degC
Operating temp 88degC @ 15psi water pressure
Radiator pressure cap: 1.0 bar/type

overspeed at 6300rpm

Plugs Champion RC9YC
Gap 0.9mm

Crank Bearing 76.2mm/ Vandervell VP2C
Conrod bearing 65.731mm/ 24.5mm wide Vandervell VP2C
Int bush 25.07mm/22mm 16.7mm Vandervell No L 10083/3
small end 27mm/23.816mm 25.4mm Vandervell VP10
Oil pressure: 2.0/700 bar/eng/rpm
Pressure transducer: C46272 0-380ohm 0-80psi, 290+ohm 0psig, 55ohm = 50psig, 10ohms = 100psig

Drive belt 1 - size: 9.5x913 KDB913 mm/type
Drive belt 2 - size: 12.5x1175 KEB117 mm/type

Pump - GSL393 Walbro pump
3bar -> 57psi gives 40GPH(181LPH) @ ~6amps
Fuel pump type/pressure: Elec/3.0 bar

Jaguar XJ40 4.0 Fuel Injectors (set) (EBC4430)
0280150157 Bosch 2.4ohm
Brand New. Original Equipment. Set of 6
They will inject 214cl per minute @ 2.7bar = 40HP per cylinder.
161g/min, 242cc/min @ 3bar -> 14LPH
Turn on time -> 1.3mSec

These particular fuel injectors are suitable for:
- Jaguar XJS 4.0L (1991 - 1994) models
- Jaguar XJ40/XJ6 4.0L (1991 - 1994)
models The Lucas part number is 73230A.
The Bosch part number is 0280150157

bmep 1156.2kPa
Specific torque 92Nm/litre

0-60mph 8.1s
0.25mile 16.1s
max speed 135mph

Suspension / Steering Front
Camber 0.0deg to -0.5deg -> -0.25
Castor 3.5deg to  4.5deg -> 4.0
Toe-in 0.0mm to 1.6mm -> 0.5

Suspension Rear (N/A as de dion rigid axle)
Camber -0.5deg to -1.0deg -> -0.5
Toe-in 0.0mm to 1.6mm -> 0.5
(above for halfshafts horizontal)

Front polybush components
Lower wishbone front bush - 31Q / CBC2291
Lower wishbone rear bush - 31S / CBC2301
Upper wishbone bush - 031Y / ?
Shock absorber lower mount - 31T / CAC7585/1

Engine oil API SG [Castrol-Syntron, Formula x, Formula RS, TXT, GTX]
{10w60, 10w30, 10w40, 10w50} 8 Liters
Gear oil API GL4 [Castrol-EP80, Hypo light] 1.4 Liters
Coolant BS6580 50% 9.2 Liters

Pressure 34lb/in2
Size 225/65 R 15 99V

PCD 5 x 120.65

Valve clearance
Inlet: 0.30mm / 0.012"
Exhaust: 0.30mm / 0.012"

Lobe length: 41.54mm
Diameter: 31.88mm
Lift: 9.8mm
inlet valve throat 35.2mm
outlet valve throat
IVO 7.0deg
MOP 114deg
EVC 7.0deg
EVO 55.0deg
MOP -114deg
IVO 55.0deg

Piston Mass 0.494 kg
Piston pin mass 0.135 kg
Con-rot mass 0.785 kg
con-recip mass 1.01 kg
con inertia kg.m^2

Differential weight ~48kg
Final ratio 3.77:1

Gearbox getrag 265
gearbox weight 34 kg
1st 3.573:1
2nd 2.055:1
3rd 1.391:1
4th 1.000:1
5th 0.759:1
reverse 3.463:1

Rim R17 x 190
PCD 5x120.65mm (4.72inch)
Offset 35 to 45mm
Fittings N 1/2inch
Tyre 215x60x17

Half shaft UJs JLM1388 are overall cap O.D. 30.18mm Compressed length (cap to cap) 92.25

XJ40 front calipers = 60mm diameter
XJ40 rear calipers = 36mm diameter

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